​​                       LATE - BREAKING NEWS

GLORIA YU LEAVES CLUB.  Longtime member Gloria Yu has informed our members that she is resigning from the club after more than 20 years of faithful service.  Gloria will be missed for her participation in club activities, and for her cheerful friendliness at club meetings.  We wish you well, Gloria, and thank you for your service.  

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE APPLES?. 'Sorry to say, the apples sales were cancelled for this year. We received information from the Wood Orchard that there was a problem with the HoneyCrisp apples this year.  A small percentage of the 2016 harvest has experienced interior brown spots, especially after extended storage.  The defect cannot be determined from the exterior of the apple.  Rather than risk gifting "less than perfect" apples, Pres. Pat decided to curtail the "Apples for Christmas" program for this season.  Thanks to all those who signed up to purchase the apples.

100TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR.  On October 1, 2016 (start of the "Kiwanis Year"), our club started its 100th year of service to the Green Bay community.  In September of 2017, we will celebrate the completion of 100 years, with much fanfare.  

Topping-off the events will be a Centennial Jubilee Banquet, hopefully at the newly-renovated Northland Hotel, where the club spent many happy years of meetings and special events.  Current members will be called upon to assist with planning, preparation, and hosting the banquet.  Keep tuned!

"SPECIAL COMMITTEE" MEETING HELD ON NOV. 10TH.  On Thurs. evening, November 19th, a two-hour meeting of Pres. Pat's "Special Committee" was held to make reccomendations for the future of the club.  After approval by Pres. Pat, he will pesent the recommendations to the B/D for consideration, approval/disappoval, and appropriate action. 

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